Full Version: MOVED: FAU (59) - UCF (54) basketball photo gallery
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I am moving BMarkey's post over here from the ASun FAU board.
It's not supposed to be a board over there, just a redirecting link,
but in the server move it accidently became a new forum.
Anyway, here's his post.

--SouthGAEagle, moderator of the ASunBBS

Here's my photo gallery from the FAU - UCF basketball game.

FAU 59 - UCF 54

Way to go, Owls!

More photos will be added later and some of those here will be edited.


[Image: e39b0254_std.jpg]

[Image: e39b0298_std.jpg]
Winning bucket

[Image: e39b0205_std.jpg]

[Image: e39b0049_std.jpg]

[Image: e39b0242_std.jpg]
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