Full Version: 170 Rounds Over 9 Minutes
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There are even reports that when the shooting started cops were running OUT of Norris Hall and not into it. Were there only 3 entrances to the building? I saw a bunch of overweight white guys carrying enough M-16's to blow every door off of Norris Hall in less than a minute.

Doesn't this remind you of the police response at Columbine? Young people are inside getting slaughtered and like Oliver North said, these old timer pensioners are way more concerned about their retirement than their job.

I'm not a cop lover and I'm not a cop hater. But since cops are making salaries in the 60's now days, shouldn't we expect more than what there was at VT? What is it that I don't understand about this?
I heard on the Mike Gallagher show (conservative talk here in Dallas/Ft. Worth) that the police took 5 minutes (all the while the shooting was happening) to formulate a plan to stop it. Can you believe this?
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