Full Version: Non-Conference schedule announced
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Sept 1: @WVU

Sept 8: IU

Sept 15, @ Missouri

Sept. 22 Central Connecticut State 1-AA

Nov 17: @ Iowa

I'd say it is POSSIBLE to go 3-2 with that slate. Obviously the Mountaineers are the toughest game on that list.

Indiana should be a good game and is a team that I believe is ripe to be beaten at Waldo, where BC has only lost once in two years.

Missouri is pretty good but shouldn't strike fear into the Broncos, considering who we've faced this past year.

Cent Conn - what can you say?

Last trip to Iowa was a Bronco win. It's possible, will be tough but the Hawkeyes have struggled lately.

4 - 1 would be an awesome start. Possible, but not probable. Depends on how quickly the offense comes together with all the youth (WRs and QB).

That said, I like that schedule!!
Gotta say I like the schedule too. No games are gimmes but I would say 4-1 isnt impossible. Would like to be at worst 3-2. I am not all that worried about the offense. This year got alot of the youth some seasoning and with Hiller having basically played a year it wont be like having to break a new qb into the system. It will just be having to get everybody some reps.
why the hell are we playing 5 non confrence games? We are going to have 7 confrence games. Only two home games against the west. This puts us on the road for 4 and home for 3 in the confrence. Plus you never know what kind of crap the confrence might pull when it comes to mid week games. The MAC has screwed up this season before it started. we over expanded and now we can't have a normal slate of confrence games. We have our best team in years and we might end up playing one or two confrence Saturday home games. This schedule and confrence are disastors.
Well, all we can do is bit@h about it......

We're stuck with it. The least they could do is give us the two easiest crossover opponents.
I will like this schedule no matter how it out. I believe in Coach Cubit and believe he will have this team ready to play each week. I dont really care who we will play. We are going to be a handful for everyone next year.
I'm a lifelong Bronco fan who just happens to be an Iowa alumna. Just got my official Hawkeye schedule in the mail, and the Nov 17 game in Iowa City is a definite.

I'd urge any of you who can to make that trip. Hawkeye football is a great gameday experience. Tailgating starts at dawn. And plan on getting there by late afternoon on Friday so you can enjoy the bar scene. The Hawkeye Marching Band marches from one bar to another downtown on Friday nights, grabbing refreshments as they go. Iowans are wonderful, friendly people, and you'll have a great time. Barring significant injuries on either side, I expect this will be a competitive game.
I think DB and I may do a road trip for that one. Would be a fun time.

One other thing about this season's schedule is that we don't have an extended road trip, unlike last season when we finished with 3 straight road games.
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