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A ULM delphi community is considering moving in. However, as anybody would be, they're a bit nervous and don't know what to expect.

Perhaps the following groups especially could shed some light on what it is like to move in:

CUSA fans moved in from KillerFrogs
MAC fans moved in from SportsOnly
Memphis fans moved in from CUSA-Talk
Cincinnati fans moved in from CUSA-Talk
Ohio State and Big 10 fan here. We'd love to have you here at NCAAbbs!!! 04-cheers
I agree, come in boys the water is fine :D

<a href='http://www.ncaabbs.com/forums/confusa/invision/index.php?act=SF&f=10' target='_blank'>Memphis Tigers Board</a>

<a href='http://www.ncaabbs.com/forums/bigeast/invision/index.php?act=SF&f=29' target='_blank'>Cincinnati Bearcats Board</a>

also check out the Ragin' Cajuns board 03-cool

NCAAbbs is also home to the #1 C-USA and MAC forums, we are working on making this the #1 SBC forum 04-cheers
This is a really easy board to use and everyone is really nice. Two thumbs up. :bluethumb: :bluethumb:
on behalf of the C-USA. I bid you welcome.
Since TulsaMan did on behalf of CUSA...let me say on Behalf on SMU...We Welcome You :wave:
Memphis is very happy here. 04-cheers
Herd poster Stuck in Louisiana that posts here

Move in
bearcatgirl Wrote:This is a really easy board to use and everyone is really nice. Two thumbs up. :bluethumb: :bluethumb:

Love that signature line; what a hoot :D :D 04-cheers

SBC and Big 10 fan here; this is a great board and it is so easy to navigate to other boards from here!!!
Welcome to the party!!!

Especially you Trojans!!!
This is the best board MAC fans have ever been lucky enough to find. Come on by.
This board is orders of magnitude better than what we saw before.

We've seen an increase in MAC fans, and I don't think anyone has regretted the move.

This is the place to be!
Let me add that the board is fairly and equitably run, and the admins have no problem booting the idiots that plague many other sites.
Hats off especially to GT Swagger who is the straw that stirs the drink around here. The young punk. 03-wink
You'll never look back once you land here.
Former Delphi Guru here.
I used to run the Bronco Stampede Delphi Board and the WAC Delphi Board. Plus several other non-sports delphi boards.
Delphi was great in it's time, but so few other schools use delplhi, that it made sense to move. Now I am a Mod on the WAC forum here.
I love the ability to move easily from forum to forum here. It has all the Bells and Whistles and a great support staff.

Come on over!
Just wanted to add my welcome to the newbies! If you need anything all you need to do is ask. We try to run a board where everyone is welcome and everyone behaves. Be creative, not crass. Glad you are here. 04-bow
welcome :wave:
Come on over
Just wanted to add my Welcome as well... The rules here are pretty basic don't make an ****** of yourself and you can pretty much do anything else you want around here.

When we pick MODS we pick those that we think will do the best job and then we leave them to their task. The only time you'll see a an ADMIN around is if there is a good thread going or if we've been notified by the MOD that they need our assistance. We like to let people run their own boards and enjoy things we don't believe in Micro-management.

So Welcome again I'm positive you'll enjoy your time here.
Welcome aboard! :wave:
I just recently joined and really enjoy this board. This site is a bit more active than my home team's site (maybe it'll pick up when the season starts) and I enjoy that I can talk to other teams from throughout the conference. Needless to say, I am no longer searching for other sites because I'm am happy that I've found a new home 04-bow
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