Full Version: ULM takes first step to Sun Belt
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Conference receives letter from school citing 'interest in full membership.'

Paul Letlow

June 29, 2004

Sun Belt Conference commissioner Wright Waters applauded the news bursting out of Baton Rouge about Louisiana-Monroe last Thursday.

"If you are a ULM supporter," Waters said, "last week was a victory."

The Carr Report - a review of ULM athletics prepared and presented by Carr Sports Associates to the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors - recommended that the Indians move forward in joining the Sun Belt in all sports.

Given the ULS blessing after receiving the review, ULM officials wasted no time making the next step official in pursuing full membership.

"We have now received a letter from (ULM president) Dr. Cofer," Waters said. "It arrived Friday, expressing interest in full membership."

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