Full Version: Chris at overseas exposure camp
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hello Jags. i just wanted to let you all know that are interested that Chris was at an overseas exposure camp a few weeks ago. he did really well in it. he had two 30 point games, hitting 7 3's in one game and 8 in another all in one day. he had at least 5 three's in all 8 games. the scouts and agents really liked him. anyway, the show that airs on ESPN2 called Cold Pizza was at the site of the exposure camp and did a story on players trying to make it overseas. not sure if Chris will actually be on camera but if you would like to check it out it comes on tommorow morning(monday, august 2) at 7am-9am and again from 9am-11am. He has also been entered in the CBA draft that will take place in september sometime and he will find out if he will be entered in the NBDL draft in a few weeks. well, didnt mean to make this long but just thought you would like to know what a former jag was up to. good luck to you guys next year.
thanks for the update Youngsgirl.
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