Full Version: Super-Early MCB Forecast
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Detroit - December 26

Take your pick..

Accu-Weather: Partly Sunny, High 36.
Weather Channel: Chance of rain and snow, High 33.
Intellicast: Mix of rain and snow showers, High 34.

Will be updated as day draws closer.
Even when played indoors, the better the weather outside I'd guess the better the attendance (esp for casual local fans). Sounds like Akron fans will be showing up...what are ya'll hearing about Memphis fans?
The latest for the Detroit area....


Cloudy with a chance of rain and snow during the day. Highs 36 to 40. Rain and snow likely during the evening...then snow likely overnight. Accumulation around an inch. Lows 29 to 33.


Mostly cloudy with a chance of light snow showers. Highs 32 to 36.


Mostly cloudy with a chance of light snow showers. Highs 33 to 37.
I'm not too concerned about things weather wise. Doesn't look like to bad a weekend as far as Ohio/Michigan weather is concerned. Attendance shouldn't be a problem either. Everyone is off work and will still be getting over the holiday hangover. On top of that as has already been well documented, Akron has sold out their 9,400 ticket allotment. Should be at least 5 figure attendance for the Akron contingent at this game. I'll be on the caravan of 33 busses making their way up there come Monday morning. GO ZIPS!
Memphis has a good fanbase, and there were earlier estimates (from Memphis fans) that they'd bring 5,000 fans to Detroit.....anyone hear any updates?

I know that the UTEP contingent expectation was originally thought to be upwards of 4,000 at the GMAC, but they only sold 1,000 tickets. Kind of ironic in that the MAC teams have brought more fans to the GMAC than the C-USA teams EVERY YEAR except when Memphis was in the game in 2004.
According to a longtime Memphis fan on Zipsnation they really don't expect more than around 1500. This may just be speculation but I don't know as it is that far off. Its a pretty long drive for them into weather they are not used to with a HUGE hoops game the following night against Gonzaga. Zips should have homefield advantage as far as crowd size goes in this one.
Latest Detroit forecast for Akron travelers...


Cloudy with rain. Highs 35 to 39. Wet snow at night.


Mostly cloudy during the morning...then partly sunny. Highs 33 to 37.


Mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain and snow. Highs 36 to 40.

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