Full Version: FAU 20 UNT 13!!
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Congrats fellas!
Go Owls 04-cheers
Wow!!! Congrats on yet another milestone-making win!! We are proud of your achievements as Florida talent is showcased, even against the "best" team in our future football conference, the SBC. Just don't get too good....we have to chase you 05-nono

Anyways, congrats on another great victory....it makes our great victory, for where we are, against Youngstown St. that much sweeter.

Cheers..... 04-cheers
Quote:not a bad SUn Belt start

not bad at all 03-cool
Holy F....AU!

Geaux Owls! 04-bow
Jesus, I'm glad we're going to the WAC.

FAU will go to a bowl in the next few years, that's a fact.
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