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Here are my pictures from the FAU-FIU game:
<a href='http://www.palmswestpress.com/images/FAU_vs_FIU_1_12_04_04/index.htm' target='_blank'>http://www.palmswestpress.com/images/FAU_v...04_04/index.htm</a>

More Pictures:
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I attended my first FAU game of this year on Saturday. I picked a good one.

Joe Robbie Stadium is a great facility inside and out. This was my first time shooting pictures from field side. That grass is nice.

I was disappointed in the size of the crowd (16,000-plus), but it was not terrible. The FIU support was pretty poor. I expected better.

The FAU fans got loud a few times, but not enough. The FIU fans made almost no noise at all. It takes time to develop game noise, cheers and traditions, I suppose. Trojans know that.

The FIU band was very good, despite its small size. The halftime jazz show (which was terrific but sounded so much like Troy's show - same music - from a year or two ago) would have been enjoyed by all, if the P.A. guy had turned off the canned music.

That halftime singer was awful. To her credit, there was a second or more delay between speaking and hearing the voice over the sound system. Even Howard Schnellenberger had some trouble with that after the game.

The FAU canon is amazing! I found myself standing next to it during FAU's first TD and was blown almost out of my socks. My head is still ringing. The they shot it again after the PAT. Ugh!

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[Image: e39b3425_std.jpg]

Fan support after the game was touching. The fight near the tunnel was embarrassing. It's a good thing the officials got it simmered down before the trophy presentation kicked into full gear.

FAU (9-3) had a great season this year and would have gone to a bowl if eligible.

I wish FAU good luck with its season and attendance next year. I hope to Troy down here for a great game next fall.

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The winning TD!
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Enjoyed the pics Bob.Thanks!!!
Hey Boca, how's FAU doing in basketball this year? Will they be a good addition to SBC basketball?

Tell your friends to come on over. We need some more guys here!
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