Full Version: Louisiana vs. Texas
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Anyone going to the game in Austin?

I'm not decided yet, well it really depends if I get off work.

Geaux UL!
I'd love to go, but Teurlings and Notre Dame open up the high school football season the night before. Tough choice.
I'm gonna try to go, my friend Will might be driven, I just need to know whether I can get off or not.

If I can get a group together for it, I'll probably try to geaux. I had some friends that went the last time they played over there and they told me it was a blast, except for the weather and the score!!! :bang: I'd love to spend a weekend in Austin this year, get to see a better <span style='color:red'>CAJUNS</span> team palying in the evening, and getting to share it all with my friends!!! 04-cheers
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