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Looks like Citadel will be poised to make a run at the BIG THREE next season. They ain't losin' nobody. :ninja:
They are gonna be good. Glad they come to Cullowhee. We only lost 14 seniors, and we have our entire offensive backfield back. Gaither scares me a little at QB, but we have Josh Lee, Jamaal Mayo, and Justin Clark to back him up. We lost Banks at WR, but Seward , Goddard, and Michael Reeder can step in quite nice. With Spicer & Dunlop back anchoring the defense, I can't help but be a little giddy about 2003. But then again, I say that every year. Ya gotta believe! GO CATS!!

Just don't count on a win in Statesboro! 03-wink
03-puke - THE ANSWER.
The question- What will Willie Simmons be doing when Spicer and/or McNeil run him into the ground! GO CATAMOUNTS!!
Simmons on the first play from scrimmage at Paulson
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