Full Version: You're up by 1 with 7 secs.left. What do you do?
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Guarantee you Bobby Lamb has no clue!! HA!! :D Thank God we missed that extra point the previous week huh Paladins? GO WCU!! 04-drinky
Who else thinks Furman's better days are behind them? Some would say 'Why would a WCU fan talk smack?' I'm just offering my view on their program. We haven't beaten them since 1997, but that'll change come 2003! GO CATS!!
Even so, that was the best SoCon game I've ever seen. GREAT game - even better twist ending. In fact - another Ga. Tech fan I know saw it and has some pics of it - I'll see if I can find him.
Here we go...

[Image: Oct14865.JPG] Here's the TD that gave Furman the lead.

[Image: Oct14866.JPG] The pick.

[Image: Oct14860.JPG] And away they go...

[Image: Oct14863.JPG]

[Image: Oct14871.JPG] The Furman QB was the only one that had a real shot at him, but he gets juked.

[Image: Oct14874.JPG]

[Image: Oct14884.JPG] Let the party begin.

[Image: Oct14889.JPG] LMAO! There goes the goalpost down the street.
lmao! My jaw hit the floor when I watched it live. I could not believe the Furman staff could be that dumb. They should have run Lamb's butt off right after the game. That's as bad as the Detroit Lions coach choosing defense in OT. I mean how dumb can you get????
Eagle in the 'Boro Wrote:I could not believe the Furman staff could be that dumb.
Ever seen Jim Donnan coach? :laugh:
LMAO. Donnan's been known to cost him team a win or two. I can still hear Munson crying... :laugh:
Eagle in the 'Boro Wrote:I mean how dumb can you get????
Well...you can lose at home in the semifinals two years in a row to a lower-ranked team.

The play in question was brilliant. In 7 seconds, our little tiny school got more national recognition than most BCS teams.

As far as Furman's "better years being behind them goes," I don't think so. 2003 may be the strongest team we've had in years. Lest you forget, we had quite a few underclassmen starters last year.
By the way, two videos of "the play" are available at the ASUFootball site.

<a href='http://www.barthle.com/asu_football/' target='_blank'>http://www.barthle.com/asu_football/</a>
Stumpy Wrote:Well...you can lose at home in the semifinals two years in a row to a lower-ranked team.


Don't drag us down into your bad play calling hell. 05-nono

At least we've made it to the semis two years in a row. 03-wink

Hey Stump... nice to see you outside of Southern-Connection and UFFP.
Now if I could just convince a few Eagle fans to join up. :wave:
They know about it? I'd never heard of this site until this morning. Drop 22 a PM and he'll probably add it to the quicklinks at the top of TSC. I did that on the UFFP this morning.

BTW, I've retooled that whole site, so you'll need to reregister if you want to get back in.

It's called the "Revenge of the HillBillies" Play!!! 04-cheers 04-cheers 04-cheers :D :D :D :D :D :D

I saw it... like the new format.

When I talked to 22 about this site, he said it was competition and wouldn't advertise it. Has he changed his mind?
Anyone who thinks the Furman dynasty is over hasn't looked at their roster.
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