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Anybody know where ASU section will be for the Elon-App game in Dusty Roads Stadium this year? I'd like to order mine early even tho we'll be chokin' bad by then due to graduation. 04-cheers 04-cheers :crying: :crying:
Usually the visitors sit in the first 2+ sections in the west stands (101 and 201 I think). Look forward to having you in our cozy little house.
You mean like in the 10-20 yard line area???
You must be kidding????
SoCon1ASU71 Wrote:You mean like in the 10-20 yard line area???
You must be kidding????
If the place is filled up, that's usually where they sit. If not (and I doubt it will be) then the visitors just spread out all over the place. There isn't a bad seat in the place though.
Hmmmf. Sounds like a good one to stay home and listen to on WKBC.
No way I'm driving down there and sit on the 10 yard line or in the midst of Fenix Fans. Rather be washing the car.:mad:

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Oh it should be full. 10's of thousands of ASU alumni in the Winston-Salem-Greenburger-High Point-Raleigh area. Long time since we played a FB game in that area. The State game used to pull in 5 or 6K min.
Should have 5K of Apps if they can get the tickets.
'Course if we have a sukky team next year there not be enough Apps to populate a Ford Pinto tailgate party.

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