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First, I want to say congrats to Toledo (but mostly Triplett 03-wink ) for their win over UB last night. T(he)y played a helluva game, and made shots from everywhere.

My only gripe though is the refs at that game. Can anyone impartial to either team give me their perspective. I personally think that UB was getting shafted hard by the refs. It seemed like they were calling stuff on our players when they weren't near anyone. They did do that to Toledo a few times, but for the most part, it was against UB. My view under the basket let me see a lot of pushing not getting called on Toledo, but hey, there's nothing that can be done now. It could be that I'm a disgruntled fan (well, I guess anyone is after being beat), but I'm just curious as to what other peoples thoughts were.

Also, here's a quote from the Buffalo news:

When asked to comment about the officiating, Witherspoon said, "I really wish I could, but if I did that I'd get in trouble."
I don't know about the game last night, but I can tell you that MAC officials are terrible. I have seen Toledo on both ends of it way too many times.


I know Marshall could have won the game against WMU if it wasn't for some bad calls 03-lol

Congrats to Toledo and WMU
Oh, I can name countless games at UB where they've gotten screwed. Every home game we can tell how bad of a night it will be by what refs come out on the court. It's horrible. It's sad that we know how each ref will try to screw us. For example: there's this one tall balding guy who won't call anything when UB player gets hacked under the basket. There was one game where the guy from across the floor called it through traffic and he didn't. It was horrible. I don't even think that some of these guys should be doing high school games, let alone a mid-major D-I program
Wecome to the MAC. We have some of the worst officials in all of basketball. There are also some good ones too. My guess is all the good ones are doing the big 10, and we get what's left. I have never thought they were biased, just incompetent.
Yeah kinda nuts that Toledo shot 45 free throws last night...yikes! Last time UB and UT played in early January, the Rockets only had 22 free throw attempts.

No excuses though.......it's over.
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