Full Version: A friendly reminder
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Do NOT mess with an angry Yellow Jacket, or this will happen to you...

[Image: 2001%20-%20Citadel%20Burns%20run.jpg]

[Image: 2001%20-%20Citadel%20Burns%20run2.jpg]

[Image: 2001%20-%20Citadel%20Burns%20run3.jpg]

That is all. Have a nice day.
George O'Leary's finest coaching moment at Techwood State! 03-wink :D Sorry guy, couldn't resist. You'll always have my support over tatertech. You know, the "Auburn with the lake." GO CATS!!
We'd prefer it if you use the proper poke-fun term for Tech.

"North Avenue Trade School"


Was that Joe Burns plowing through the $#itadel in those pics?
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