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I think people out here tend to be in the know on a lot of sporting events, because well for a lot of them it is a living and here is what a lot of the regulars are saying about our game:

There is talk Marylands front 4 are all banged up, i didn't read anything about this but I heard that from about everyone I talked to, with NIU being viewed out here as a 'power run' team behind a vet. O line almost everyone is taking NIU with the points.

Haldi's injury scares a lot of people, but then again they view NIU as a strictly running team so no "Real" concern. As one man put it, "As long as NIU doesn't lose any of those boys in the back 7 they should do fine against a green QB." Dan Sheldon is better known than I thought the real gamblers out here were talking about him being one of the best in the nation in terms of speed and hands. AJ harris is also getting a little buzz out here, being a track champ and all.

As for maryland +'s, Returning RB, and Suter at WR should keep NIU's D honest against their young qb, it is generally thought that maryland will try to copy what toledo did, short passes and draws get their QB into the game. Monster TE and pretty big line outsize NIU's Dline big time, but the thought is you can't run forever, especially if you are down.

Final summation by everyone out here, Maryland will need to pass to win, if they force NIU into a passing game they will win, but that would require their qb to step up and make plays, that he hasn't really shown he can do yet in a real game. NIU needs to just keep running the ball and play solid football with "heady" qb josh haldi to cover the spread.

As for winners they don't predict that here, but it is generally thought of that NIU will cover.


PS: When i say win i mean cover the spread.
good report. Those people do seem to know
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