Full Version: Lee
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Can't he just locate us by new post?
I wondered about that myself. I never use the new post function myself. How does that work?
I have never tried it either. 03-confused
Well, he has only posted in 6 areas that I know of. USC, Clemson, Spin Room, SEC Smack, SEC Talk, ACC Talk

I chose the Citadel due to its non-activity.
Where is the damn SARS virus when u need it :D
I just tried a search on secbbs.com, I typed in Galactus

this is what I got:

There appears to be an error with the SECbbs database.
You can try to refresh the page by clicking here, if this does not fix the error, you can contact the board administrator by clicking here
Error Returned
Don't worry! I don't think he's smart enough to figure that function out anyway. :D
He won't look here unless he gets bored.
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