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Peanut Butter Crunch

Golden Grahams
that's funny, rap. I was never a big Golden Grahams fan, either. I can make you a list of Saturday morning sweet cereal favorites, though!

1. Tie.....Cinammon Toast Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch
3. Lucky Charms
4. Cinammon Life
5. King Vitiman
6. Captain Crunch
7. Crunch Berries
8. Franken Berry
9. Quisp
10. Fruity Pebbles

1. Apple Jacks.....yecchh!
2. Fruit Loops
3. Golden Grahams
4. Kix
Best Overall
Peanut Butter Crunch

Best Kids (i.e. sweet) Cereal masquerading as a "healthy" one
Honey Nut Ohs

Best Fruity Cereal
Froot Loops (Honorable mention - Fruity Pebbles and Frankenberry)

Best Chocolate Cereal
None, they all sucked

Best Combo of Corny and Fruity
Crunch Berries

Best Cereal Character
Cap'n Crunch himself, of course

Worst Cereal Character
That psycho coocoo bird for Coco Puffs

Best Cereal copy of favorite breakfast food
Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Best Cereal to eat when soggy
Frosted Flakes

Best Cereal never tried
Cookie Crisp (it always looked good, but mom wouldn't buy "cookies" for breakfast)

Others Never tried:
Life, Chex, Count Chocula, Golden Grahams, Lucky Charms, Kix
I never thought chocolate worked well for cereals either. Never liked Cocoa Puffs or Cocoa Pebble. I did eat Count Chocula on occasion, but I preferred the General Mills counterparts in that series (Frankenberry, Boo Berry and the now defunct Fruit Brute).

I agree with most of your choices........I was just never much of a Fruit Loop fan. Cinammon has always been....and still is......my cereal weakness!! :) I even sprinkle cinammon in my coffee every a.m.!!
Question for the board:

Apple Jacks never tasted like apples...what did it taste like?
King Vitamin??? LOL I forgot about that - Gal , you are the ONLY guy I know that ate that. What exactly did it taste like?

<a href='http://www.lavasurfer.com/cereal-quakeroats2.html' target='_blank'>http://www.lavasurfer.com/cereal-quakeroats2.html</a>
Le Coq Sportif Wrote:Question for the board:

Apple Jacks never tasted like apples...what did it taste like?
That question is an riddle wrapped inside an enigma

Oh yeah, it tasted like sugar :D
raptorcox Wrote:King Vitamin??? LOL I forgot about that - Gal , you are the ONLY guy I know that ate that. What exactly did it taste like?
I'm with Rap on this one...NObody I knew ate that stuff! I always equated it with the store-brand cereals! :laugh:
It was sorta like Captain Crunch Lite.......tasted a lot like the regular Captain Crunch, just not as dense. Similar in color, too. When I was little, King Vitamin had a big national ad campaign going on......a lot of TV commercials (this was, say, circa 1972 or so). They were animated, and had this little cartoon king and his "King Vitamin kingdom" as the cereal's mascot and storyline. They dropped that sometime in the mid-70s........but it was popular for awhile! It's made by General Mills (like Captain Crunch)..

There you go, rap! That link you provided has it! That's the King Vitamin I remember! The Jay Ward version......I remember Quisp and Quake, too!

Apple Jacks tasted nasty to me. That's all I can say......something happend to those red-speckled "O's" when they hit the milk.....they got all soggy and droopy.......AJs don't remind me of Saturday mornings.....they remind me of mom making us eat 'em before going to SCHOOL! :eek:
This thread has really got me wanting to stop on the way home and pick up some PB Crunch, Froot Loops, Crunch Berries, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dinner.

Heck, I might just splurge and give that Cookie Crisp stuff a try finally.
One reason I hate golden grahams (still to this day) is because my ex-stepfather kept buying the crap and I hated it!
Coq, I was thinking the same thing. Publix may get some business from me tonight!! :laugh: Cookie Crisp isn't bad; the chocolate doesn't dominate the flavor. They used to make a vanilla version of it......but I never see that one anymore.

Rap, that's exactly how I felt about Apple Jacks. Mom would NOT stop feeding us that stuff!!
Nobody beats Tony the tiger! TTHHHEERRRRREE GREAT :D
Anyone remember "Koogle Peanut Butter" and the package with the "Koo Koo Koogly eyes!" as it said in the commerical. Lasted from 1974 to about '76! I loved the stuff......it was flavored peanut butter (kinda like what Jif recently came out with).....vanilla, banana, chocolate. A dream food for kids.....

Here's a pic I found: <a href='http://theimaginaryworld.com/kids201.jpg' target='_blank'>http://theimaginaryworld.com/kids201.jpg</a>

Banana and Vanilla were my faves, though.
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