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Who the hell is Elon? 03-confused Your not those guys that lost to UC by like 50 are you? :eek: :D
I guess there aint no Elon fans. 03-confused
BORING. No phoenix fans. :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore:
jarr Wrote:BORING. No phoenix fans. :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore: :snore:
Elon is the red-headed step-child of the SoCon.

They don't deserve membership, we (the fans) never wanted them to join, bt the ADs made the decision.

PS---there are no Elon fans. 03-puke
There used to be one around that posted a lot, but he's gone AWOL.
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