Full Version: Wearin' the Gold!
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I like the new gold jerseys that Purdue wore during their first game. Is that a permanent fixture now?

BTW, I'll dig up some pictures of them soon.
[Image: rucks-lg.jpg]
[Image: orton7-lg.jpg]
[Image: orton6-lg.jpg]
[Image: lowe-lg.jpg]
[Image: odom-lg.jpg]
[Image: nesfield-lg.jpg]
[Image: orton4-lg.jpg]
[Image: lacevic2-lg.jpg]
[Image: grover-lg.jpg]
[Image: kirsch-lg.jpg]
[Image: jones-lg.jpg]
[Image: lacevic-lg.jpg]
[Image: standeford2-lg.jpg]
[Image: dzovolic-lg.jpg]
[Image: chambers-lg.jpg]
[Image: gardner-lg.jpg]
[Image: harris2-lg.jpg]
[Image: harris-lg.jpg]
[Image: standeford-lg.jpg]
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