Full Version: Advice For Temple Fans
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1. Create a new directory on your hard drive.

2. Cut and paste messages from the MAC fans who have nothing to say except "Temple Sucks".

3. When the Owls kick the @ss off their team you can take great pleasure in posting those messages on this forum.


Schadenfreude Wrote::rofl:
Yeah, I had the same reaction when I tried to imagine Temple kicking Toledo, BG, NIU, or Miami's ******. Funny stuff! 03-lol
This thread may lead to some good posts to start saving. You may not get to use those posts this year, but the time will comeā€¦.maybe the following year.


Not a big history buff, are you? :D
Seems a little obsessive/compulsive to me, but whatever floats da boat. 03-wink

What appears to be missing in your post is that a majority of the posters here that have commented on the Owl's lackluster football program mention that in context of the appearance of a poor deal on the MAC's part. Include Temple bball, and many here don't have an issue with taking the apparent good along with the apparent bad.

{cue Schadenfreude's littany about all-sports costs}
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