Full Version: Larry Johnson
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Wow...going for the 2,000 yard RUSHING mark!!!!!

Way to get after Indiana....

He ran for 327 yesterday. That was the 3rd time he has broken the school rushing record this year.
I think Johnson is a great back but I don't see him as a Heisman candidate because of his performance against teams that can stop the run.

Hold on, I'm not trying to get in a flame war. Allow me to publish some stats:

He only played three teams (Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan) that had run defenses in the top 50. He averaged 71 yards per game and under four yards a carry. Penn State lost all three games.

The other teams were ranked 53rd (Central Florida for 92 yds); 51st (Nebraska for 123); 81st (LA Tech for 147); 55th (Wisconsin for 111); 117th (Northwestern for 257); 95th (Illinois for 279); 107th (Virginia for 188); 113th (Indiana for 327) and 100th (Michigan State for 279).

He's a good player and will get better but I can't see putting him up for the big award until he shows he can be a difference maker in a game against someone who can stop the run.


Johnson had a decent season but like all State Penn backs he will disappear. They never succeed at the next level.

Most of the people on this board could probably run for as many yards against IU and this years edition of Michigan State.
I wouldn't doubt him. He is very elusive, but I agree, he won't be another Emmitt Smith or Ricky Williams, but he will play
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