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  1. NFL to Birmingham? (69 Replies)
  2. UAB coaching staff appears to be taking shape, plus other ramblings (beat column) (5 Replies)
  3. Final Flame Tracker Tally (1 Reply)
  4. Champlin: Terence Jones gets another chance to face Memphis (video) (0 Replies)
  5. OT: Is there a prospect from HT in hoops for next year? (3 Replies)
  6. UAB wishes to continue series with Memphis; less than 1500 tickets remain for Sat (58 Replies)
  7. Birmingham #1 city for ESPN audience (11 Replies)
  8. Champlin: Despite shooting slump, UAB won't lose aggressiveness (video) (0 Replies)
  9. Some student camp out trivia (18 Replies)
  10. Segue Music Suggestions (For Unleash The Dragon) (32 Replies)
  11. NBR - Wayne Bolt to Troy as DC ? (32 Replies)
  12. Bucket List of Sporting Events (36 Replies)
  13. Tyson Helton to UC? (35 Replies)
  14. UAB Breaks Record...ALMOST(see post 10) (18 Replies)
  15. Women leading UCF at the half...UCF taking over our men's shooting woes. (16 Replies)
  16. Burdette, Hubbard set to represent UAB in postseason all-star games (14 Replies)
  17. HC Jerod Haase on radio tomorrow AM (3 Replies)
  18. Haase Post Game Interview (107.7) (8 Replies)
  19. Come on MAN! (18 Replies)
  20. OT: Former Falcon's Coach Mularkey gone as well (3 Replies)
  21. Offseason football (19 Replies)
  22. Champlin: Jerod Haase reflects the morning after UAB's loss to UCF (0 Replies)
  23. Look on the bright side. (23 Replies)
  24. Free Link for Game Tonight? (171 Replies)
  25. NBR - Garnett and Carmelo (7 Replies)
  26. Blazer Football Road Games 2013 (29 Replies)
  27. New Rewards Program: Social Blazers (15 Replies)
  28. NBR: Compass Bowl (108 Replies)
  29. New FB Commit (15 Replies)
  30. Best/Most Entertaining & Worst/ Least Entertaining Bowl Game (13 Replies)
  31. Champlin: Outside of UAB, not much expected of Blazers as CUSA play begins (6 Replies)
  32. UCF (12 Replies)
  33. A know its a little early but Im already fired up about Memphis (20 Replies)
  34. Still no mention of UAB (96 Replies)
  35. WBB Coach A. Smith, A. Jones and K. Chapman talk about the UCF game (0 Replies)
  36. Starting to worry about Western Blazer - another UAB article (3 Replies)
  37. Nice recognition for UAB players at ESPN.com (4 Replies)
  38. The Non-Cartel Bowl Attendance Figures Thread... (16 Replies)
  39. Elijah Millsap on CBS sports right now (1 Reply)
  40. let everyone at UAB know how unhappy we are about the radio coverag (23 Replies)
  41. The NFL Playoffs Thread!!! (22 Replies)
  42. Where in the frick is the UAB-Dayton radio broadcast (13 Replies)
  43. New to blazer talk (31 Replies)
  44. Alternatives to the Mythical National Championship Game... (34 Replies)
  45. Champlin: Quincy pushes through serious knee injury to make impact (0 Replies)
  46. What Has Your Record Been In Bowl Predictions For This Season? (17 Replies)
  47. Blazer Sportsline With Coach Haase Starts Monday (10 Replies)
  48. First CUSA game is on right now (21 Replies)
  49. Champlin: VIDEO: UAB HC Jerod Haase, players talk about start of conference play (0 Replies)
  50. New Transfer Model Would Reduce Eligibility Consequences (16 Replies)
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