Full Version: New Supermods: Last Updated 3/23
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New Supermods: Last Updated 3/23 - georgia_tech_swagger

Supermods and what they do is changing site wide. Supermods will now have explicit authority to moderate sitewide (with the indefinite exceptions of the Memphis board and Spin Room), though they will be primarily a backstop to clean out reported posts when the local mod team hasn't gotten to them in a timely fashion. They will also have rapid access to contact me, and in some cases abilities to help users with their accounts (change usernames, reset passwords). Supermods have the option to moderate under total alias. I have setup a system to where I and I alone know who is who in the supermod ranks. Even their addresses will be untraceable to other moderators beyond me. So you'll be seeing a fresh new swelling rank of supermods. Some will be familiar. Some will be new. Some will be promoted regular mods, some supers will become regular mods. The end result is better perks for mods, more people to help users with basic account help, more moderation help site wide, more privacy for proven mods, freedom from guilt-by-association and grudges for proven mods, and more methods to reach me in a timely fashion should it be required.

I'll update the list of new supermods on this announcement as I manually go through them on a case by case basis:

New Sitewide Supermods:
- Officer Jim Lahey
- Walther Forstmann
- Pedro Cerrano
- Capt Howdy
- JerseyDevil
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