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Healthcare Executive Order
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RE: Healthcare Executive Order
(10-12-2017 08:04 PM)Machiavelli Wrote:  From a purely political perspective I like your argument GTS. Where did you pick up that tact? First I ever heard that line of reasoning. I’m not jumping down that rabbit hole but I can appreciate the effort. Where does it stop? What’s the difference poor kid in a Los Angeles bario and a Tijuana one? That’s good. It really is.

Here’s my answer.
LI say we all pay a sales tax like they do in Canada. We do a hybrid system. A private public scenario.

Behind nearly every libertarian argument is a sober rational realistic understanding of economics in the real world. It's just straight up fantasy to think we can provide healthcare to everybody everywhere. Not gonna happen. The world isn't even CLOSE to being that prosperous or even that civilized. A libertarian may be carrying Ayn Rand and Frederic Bastiat books in the left hand ... but the right hand has books from F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, Adam Smith, and Ludwig von Mises.

And your answer still does nothing to abrogate my original point: The Canadian system is still too wildly expensive and wasteful to even pay for ITSELF in the long term much less be viable among the rest of the world which is on average quite a lot less prosperous than Canada. And Canada has the benefit of piggybacking off the innovations made in the much more lucrative US market. You need to jump down that rabbit hole. Because doing so will reveal and hopefully remove your hypocrisy on this issue. You can't go around saying we need more fairness and more spreading of wealth when you yourself ARE the 1% when viewed in a more complete (global) perspective. If we take the globe as a whole -- you ARE the monopoly man. Even if you're below the poverty line in the United States you're STILL in the 1%. Congrats Mach, you're filthy ****ing rich compared to the rest of the world. How does it feel to know your wealth is woefully insufficient to solve the world's problems? How does it feel to know that everybody else in the world looks at you as a rich entitled ungrateful ass unwilling to share your spoils with the rest of the planet no matter how hard you work for what you are able to scrape together? How does it feel to know that even if you handed over every penny to your name most of the planet would be ungrateful and simply ask for more?

Simply putting on blinders and pointing at the rich HERE doesn't fix anything here or in Africa. You can take all the wealth in this entire country and you still won't even cover health care costs for the African continent. What about those "spare" 2 to 3 billion Indians and Chinese leftover? Come on Mach you're standing at the edge of improving yourself mentally and politically. Man the **** up and swallow the red pill.
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10-12-2017 08:44 PM
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RE: Healthcare Executive Order
(10-12-2017 12:19 PM)rath v2.0 Wrote:  I hate the use of "legislative" executive orders....but this is so much common sense I can't believe this idiot congress screwed around so long that it required this.

Now can cross state lines for healthcare plans. Will be able to aggregate and access trade union and association plans. What Sen. Rand Paul was pushing all along.

Que the liberal anti trump talking points being emailed out from the mothership.

Would not work when several insurance companies are not accepted by many medical professions. The majority of doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies here in Arkansas only accept Blue Cross/Blue Shields since the other insurance companies refused or delay paying them. This is happening in several states which started long before Obamacare was passed.
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10-12-2017 09:22 PM
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RE: Healthcare Executive Order
(10-12-2017 08:44 PM)georgia_tech_swagger Wrote:  Even if you're below the poverty line in the United States you're STILL in the 1%. Congrats Mach, you're filthy ****ing rich compared to the rest of the world.

Not picking on Mach right now, but this is something that most American's that b*tch about the 'wealthy' fail to comprehend. I have friends that live in Namibia and I had the pleasure of visiting them back in 2004.

Anyone want to venture a guess what the 'average' namibian lives on every year? ~$2000 USD. And lets keep in mind the meaning for the word 'average'. The 'average' household income in the US is $59,039, yet if you go around to any small town in the US, you'll find that most people aren't living on $60K. The same goes for Namibia, the average is skewed up because of smaller % of people that make much much more than that.

Lets look at the GDP per capita figures for a bunch of countries...
For Namibia its ~$4,600 USD or about two times the actual average income... keep that in mind while we look at some other counties GDP per capita figures...
Lets pick a country in Africa that people would consider wealthy, like Egypt.
The average there is $3,400. But lets go with somewhere other than Africa. How about a nice country in Europe like Serbia... well the average there is $5,200. Hmm... this isn't going well... lets look at a nice 1st world country like Russia... $9,200.

People in America need to get some perspective on just how good they ACTUALLY have it, before they ***** about what they 'deserve' out of the pockets of those who make more than them.

Figures are UN figures and can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_co...per_capita
10-12-2017 09:32 PM
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