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Day of Reckoning for Louisville
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Day of Reckoning for Louisville
(10-17-2017 04:05 PM)krux Wrote:  
(10-17-2017 09:52 AM)Lenvillecards Wrote:  
(10-16-2017 06:43 PM)krux Wrote:  
(10-16-2017 04:59 PM)CardinalJim Wrote:  I'm glad we finally fired Rick. Unfortunately I believe our inept President bungled the process. UofL is going to end up paying Rick. Maybe not 40 million but they'll settle for some amount more than zero. That's why they let it be known Rick passed the polygraph.

As for Tom Jurich he'll be back on the job soon. Tom has too many friends with big checkbooks and they have zero reason to fire him. Tom was placed on leave for refusing to fire Rick. Tom was vindicated today when Rick and his attorney revealed that Rick passed a polygraph. How can Tom be fired for refusing to fire someone for not doing something?

The UofL Board of Trustees has done crapped in their nest.

Jurich is gone, Jim. It's the sum of the whole not the variables this go round. Scandal #3 involving Rick, rehiring Petrino black eye, Foundation Fraud, ADIDAS contract overstep and simply pissing in too many Wheaties. It's a wrap. He gone.

What Adidas contract overstep? Tom met with Interim President Pinto 11 times & the BOT approved the deal. Tom couldn't met with Interim President Postel about it since he wasn't the interim president yet. If Postel didn't receive any information on it then that is the fault of his own staff because they already had the information. The BOT is again reviewing the deal. The Foundation fraud was primarily tied to former President Ramsey & the issues surrounding the foundation has already been resolved. The school president should never have had been put in charge of the foundation in the first place. Tom did back Rick through the first two scandals but wasn't even given any information about the FBI report or given a chance to act on it. Tom has said that if he had known that Rick was coach 2 that he would have fired him. Tom would've had a far better chance at resolving the firing of Rick than the way it was done. Furthermore, Tom accomplishments far outweigh these scandals involving Rick & Ramsey. I'm not saying that Tom has clean hands but they certainly aren't filthy.

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Postel had been President for months when the ADIDAS deal was announced. Not informing him is negligent and an overstep. Regardless of his discussions with the PREVIOUS leadership. That's a strike.

Jurich and his department are most definitely named in the Foundation Fraud issues and just because they're mostly fixed now doesn't mean they didn't happen. If I punch you in the eye today and it's no longer black next week... I'm still guilty of assault. Furthermore, even if it was mostly Ramsey, Jurich was still involved. If that black eye I gave you came after you got stabbed from my friend...I don't get to walk because I at least didn't stab you. Strike 2.

Rick Pitino/Sypher...strike 3. (I believe personal issues like this should have no barring on Rick's employment btw. I agree with the decision to keep Rick on this one. That being said, it's still apart of his legacy and has to be counted when everything else comes to a head. Also, would have completely understood if Pitino was fired. He represented his employer negatively and we're STILL suffering from that transgression.)

Rick Pitino/McGee...strike 4. (Not just hookers...under age hookers...Katina should be in jail)

Rick Pitino/FBI...strike 5.

Unfortunately, embarrassing your employer IS a terminable offense. Especially repeatedly. I appreciate what he did for the department but he has to go. Enough is enough. Nobody is campaigning for Harvey Weinstein to keep his job and he did a lot for his company too. You screw up, you get the boot. And rightfully so.

To my understanding the deal was done & approved before Postel became the interim president, it wasn't made official until after. Tom followed the guidelines & met regularly with who he was supposed to met with, including representatives of the presidents office. If Postel didn't actually have the details then he needs to look at his own office staff. Actually, Postel not informing Tom of his negotiations in regards to the Yum Center contract was an overstep on his part. He completely left out the athletic department in negotiations that directly affected the athletic department. It was after that that the Adidas deal was made official. This strike is against Postel.

I'm sure that Tom doesn't have clean hands regarding the foundation scandal but it's not clear to me to what extent. Nonetheless this is a strike against Tom.

I don't like the Sypher scandal & never did but I can't get behind firing someone for having an affair while separated from there spouse. I don't condone what happened but I agree with not terminating Rick then. It was his first negative situation of any kind to the best of my knowledge. This is a strike against Rick.

Powell is another strike against Rick. Tom should have taken harsher actions against Rick but can see the argument for not doing so since it was his first NCAA infraction since Hawaii. Other than that I don't know how Tom could have handled the situation better.

Tom wasn't even given the information or a chance to respond to the FBI report. He immediately came back to town & was promptly placed on leave without being given the chance to do his job. I have to give a strike here to Postel because Tom would have handled Rick termination a lot better. Now the university is facing multiple lawsuits due to its misshandling of Rick & Toms termination. This along with the NCAA sanctions could cripple the university financially.

On the previous note, you're right. If you screw up you should get the boot & that's why Postel & Grissom should be the next two out the door.

Rick absolutely had to go but there was a better way to do it. I'm ok with Tom going as well but only under legitimate reasons & if done the proper way.

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10-18-2017 08:49 PM
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RE: Day of Reckoning for Louisville
(10-18-2017 02:20 PM)Tigeer Wrote:  
(10-18-2017 01:53 PM)Pensionplug Wrote:  
(10-17-2017 06:21 PM)krux Wrote:  
(10-17-2017 06:17 PM)rednblackattack Wrote:  Breaking - Per local radio, Tom Jurich is expected to be fired Wednesday

Pitino is also suing Adidas. LOL can't make this stuff up.

Laughingstock of America.

Nah, just think it is a close second the NCAA.

Which is what the school presidents want.
10-20-2017 01:05 AM
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