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UConn to Big East?
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RE: UConn to Big East?
(02-16-2017 12:16 AM)p23570 Wrote:  
(02-15-2017 11:26 PM)Dr. Isaly von Yinzer Wrote:  
(02-15-2017 09:08 PM)p23570 Wrote:  
(02-15-2017 07:49 PM)Dr. Isaly von Yinzer Wrote:  No, I agree with that. I never thought that was a serious threat because I understand how demographics work and I understood that there were A LOT more people living on the East Coast than in the Great Plains.

People used to try to diminish that point by saying that the people who live in the Great Plains are more passionate about college athletics but that's almost completely irrelevant to advertisers < networks < conferences.

I also knew that all of the revenue projections coming out of the Big 12 blogosphere were complete bullshitt.

Honestly, it was incredible that so many other people could not see through that obvious horseshitt.

It was a little bit scary how insanely gullible people showed themselves to be during that entire bizarre episode. Just further proof that people will always be more inclined to believe what they want to believe.

The tip off should have been that the University of Pittsburgh was invited to join both conferences just a year prior and chose the ACC.

You don't think Pitt crunched those numbers and talked to television consultants and executives?

You don't think they did a comprehensive study before making such an important decision?

Too many people ignored that very obvious fact.

My worry was that the Big Ten was going to take Florida State and Georgia Tech. That would've hurt the ACC in a very real way and for a while there I thought that was going to happen.

Needless to say, I am glad it worked out as it did.

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Epic fail DR. Epic fail.

LOL. I"m guessing you like pretending to be a Dr on the internet.

Dr, here is a reason there are 6 power 5 schools in Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma combined and 6 in NY, MA, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New Jersey, , Pennsylvania, and Maryland combined. LOL

I'm nost sure DR but I think that means your comment about demographics is well, BS. IF those huge states with all thier wealth, population, "demographics" and tens of million of people can't even beat 3 plains states with 10 million in population combined what does that say about the passion of thier fans DR?

Iowa 3m
Kansas 3M
Oklahoma 4m
Combined 10 M people

Pennsylvania 13 m
NY 20 M
Rhode Island 1m
Vermont .5 m
Massachusetts 7m
Connecticut 3.5 m
New Jersey 9M
Delaware 1m
New Hampshire 1m
MAryland 6 m
MAine 1.
Total of 63 Million people

Anybody with a firing brain cell can see the difference in fan passion for schools in the plains versus the Northeast, heck PSU is the only real fan base in the entire region. Fan support in the Northeast is terrible. Go look at Cuse and BC attendance. For all the millions of people in the area none care. None go to games and none watch games. Those schools are rarely on national TV and when they are it's due to the opponent. Rutgers and Maryland are the same way. terrible fan support for the number of people in the area. Garbage fanbases and broke AD's, that is what you ahve in the northeast. All reacquire huge subsidy to operate becasue hey lack ticket sales, concessions, and donations to compete on thier own.

Dr, What fanbase in the Northeast would you say is better than Iowa, ISU, KU, KSU, OU, or OSU?

No charge for the lesson DR. Would you like to move into budgets and TV ratings next?

No, definitely not a fail – just right between the eyes reality.

I think you totally missed my point. At least I hope you missed my point.

It's OK, many people struggle to grasp this reality.

However, it is exactly why Florida State and Clemson were never really going to the Big 12. That was fanboy blogosphere bullshitt that some moronic journalists and a few trustees bought into until they got a look behind the curtain at the actual numbers – not the "alternative facts" that were being provided publicly at the time.

Let me put it this way: there is a reason why Florida State's president was adamantly telling everyone associated with his school to shut the hell up and to meet privately with him. He knew the actual numbers and not the made up nonsense that was being spewed for public consumption.

Yes, Oklahoma State has more fans than Boston College. However, it doesn't mean anything because Massachusetts has so many more people living in it than Oklahoma. Also, the average Boston College fan/alum is well to do and therefore extremely valuable to would be advertisers.

Let's keep it to my area – the only part of the country where the two league's actually directly compete. Pitt is in the ACC and West Virginia is in the Big 12 because Pitt is a more valuable property than West Virginia, despite the fact that the Mountaineers have a more passionate fan base.

How do I know that? Well, because the Big 12 invited Pitt to join its league before it settled for West Virginia, that's how I know that. Also, the ACC came in and stole Pitt away from the Big 12 and they did not invite West Virginia.

It's pretty much a cut and dried value judgment all the way around.

Now, in all fairness, Pitt is also a significantly better academic institution than West Virginia and I'm sure that was attractive to the ACC as well. However, it was the superior market and demographics that drove the whole thing, not academic considerations, as the addition of Louisville would later prove.

Now, I know people love to beat their chest and put on a brave face, and really who can blame them? However, you and I both know that West Virginia would kill to swap places with Pitt and the inverse is definitely not true.

Also, if the ACC came through with an offer tomorrow, the Mountaineer brass would immediately be on the phones with their attornies trying to figure out how to get out of the Grant of Rights.

It's OK to admit it. That doesn't make you look weak – it makes you look smart and reasonable.

For example, the same is true of Florida State, Clemson and Louisville with the SEC. if that league ever decided that it wanted any of those three schools, they would be gone in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

All of these things were true when Pitt made its original decision and it's even more true now that it looks like the two leagues are headed in very different directions.

People want to blame Texas – and they are certainly scoundrels here. They are your last best hope for a conference television network. It's not going to happen without the Longhorns being involved despite all of those passionate fan bases in the states you listed.

However, the reality is the demographics in the Great Plains are poor. That's why no one wants to do a conference television network there – especially without Texas.

At the same time all of the networks were telling the Big 12 AD's that there was no public appetite for a Big 12 Network, ESPN was laying the groundwork for an ACC television network. What does that tell you?
IF demographics are favorable then ESPN puts the games on TV to sell advertizing. Unfortunately you must not have ever looked at the TV ratings. All you are doing is digging your hole deeper DR.

Look before you make yourself look more like an idiot. I'm embarassed for you at this point.

Schools like Cuse and BC are only on national TV a few times a year for good reason, and OkSU is n national TV for about every game. Cuse, BC, and Maryland have terrible TV ratings compared to KSU, ISU, and OSU. So much for your theory.

This isn't rocket science DR. ESPN puts the games with the most TV viewers on national TV and the rest get picked up regionally or stream. 6 of BC's games were so worthless they were not on national TV.

Those schools have few fans, donations, ticket sales, concession, so the taxpayers get to subsidize the AD.
MAryland 16% subsidy
Rutgers 33% subsidy
Connecticut 38%

All those wealthy demographics dont 'mean squat to those schools or to advertisers because nobody watches and when they do it's for the opposing team.

Here is another example.
PAC vs Oklahoma. 2 time zones vs 1 small state.
Regular season in state rivalry game vs P-5 CCG
Washington + Colorado population vs Oklahoma
3.4 5.671M Washington
Colorado Pac-12 Champ. 9:00 PM FOX
3.1 4.817M Oklahoma
Oklahoma St. Big 12 12:36 PM FOX

DR. You don't know poop from puddin.

This is a REALLY dumb debate. The market has already spoken. Don't take my word for it, take the word of the actual television executives who have made this decision with their checkbooks.

If the Big 12 was more valuable than the ACC, Florida State and Clemson would've left for the Big 12. Maybe I missed it, did that happen?

You can piss and moan all you like but it doesn't change reality. I mean three years ago, you were talking about Florida State and Clemson joining your conference and this year you were talking about Memphis and Cincinnati. What does that tell you?

The ACC has consistently ranked third in television ratings behind the SEC and the B1G despite having such small and dispassionate fan bases. I wonder why?

Never mind. Believe whatever you want to believe – I don't care. And when your school is playing a rivalry game against New Mexico in a few years, don't be mad at me.


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02-16-2017 12:39 AM
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CrappiesNew Orleans Bowl
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RE: UConn to Big East?
LOL. This is about you demographic claims regarding value to TV. Has nothing to do with Clemson and FSU.

I guess since you know you look like a moron at this point you are going to try and change the subject. LOL. So predictable and so pathetic.

Demographics, wealth, and population mean little to college football if those people don't watch. That's why in the highly populated and richest areas of the US there are not many college fans.

You tried making some ridiculous claim about how those areas are worth more to TV providers becasue of advertising money but you failed to look at TV ratings or even the number of TV appearances. Now you are backpeddaling and trying to change the subject to FSU???? LOL. What a terrible transition.

And to top it off you insult me claiming OU will be playing a rivalry game against New Mexico. You really are pathetic.

From a psychological standpoint you are quite funny. Very insecure, need to feel important by claiming to be a DR, making lots of claims pretending to know about college football and TV, and when faced with facts like AD budgets, attendance, TV ratings, etc that completely contradict your statements you change the subject. In the end you make yourself look like a moron.

Like the time you got so mad you gave me -12 rep. LOL. So pathetic. Keep up the fine work DR.

Do you even realize the Big 12 makes more money from TV than the ACC? You need to do some research son.
02-16-2017 01:12 AM
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RE: UConn to Big East?
I think the Big 12 and ACC are roughly equivalent for the momement. Their TV revenue is similar and I think either would have trouble poaching the other (geographic advatages might push West Virginia to accept an invite, in the unlikely event one was offered). That said, the ACC has advantages into the future. The precieved greater stability does count for a lot and gives them an upper hand long term. That can change though.

On a per school money basis though, I think the Big 12 has the advantage. 1/5 your league is Texas/Oklahoma and Kansas basketbal is also there. I think their 10 team model will lead to the league getting more per team despite other weaknesses long term if both survive as they are. That wont make a difference if the league doesnt survive as is, but the future is murky on that either way.
02-16-2017 08:23 AM
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