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Y! Sports: NIU Team Report - Howl-n-Prowl - 04-04-2012 04:25 PM

Y! Sports: NIU Team Report

Quote:Northern Illinois second-year coach Dave Doeren won’t have the luxury of a veteran quarterback backed by an experienced offensive line.

Last year, senior quarterback Chandler Harnish and the offensive line helped lead the Huskies to an historic season that ended with the nation’s longest winning streak of nine games with a victory in the 2012 GoDaddy.com Bowl game.

Sorry if already posted.

RE: Y! Sports: NIU Team Report - thxjoenovak - 04-04-2012 07:09 PM

Quote:Quote To Note: “We will still be a spread team that can go fast tempo and still run downhill, with zone and power. I think (we should) be able to get on the outside a little easier with the growth of our tight ends. Last year, we struggled without (Jason) Shepler but now our tight ends have gotten better. Tim Semisch and Luke Eakes help our run game out being bigger and a year older. We’ll be able to get to the perimeter with some bounce stuff. I think coach Dunbar and myself both agree on the importance of being able to run downhill and throw play-action off of those things and (being) able to use Jordan Lynch.”—NIU coach Dave Doeren on his offense.

I love play-action and think we should have used it more last year.

A couple of times our WR's caught TD's without a DB in the picture.