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Analysis and projection using KenPom data.

Tuesday 5 December 2017

UAB (133) 5-3 @ Troy (115) 5-3

Best win: Memphis (156) 71-56; @ East TN ST. (128) 73-65

Worst loss: Richmond (190) 63-50; @ North Dakota (236) 83-80

Streak: W2; W3

Offensive Weakness: 3P% 30.0% (285); Steal% 10.1% (279)

Offensive Strength: FT% 81.6% (3); Effective FG% 53.7% (89)

Defensive Weakness: Steal% 7.3% (263); 3P% 34.9% (178)

Defensive Strength: FT% 59.8% (8); FT% 62.1% (20)

Conference: C-USA (18); Sun Belt (12)

KenPom.com: UAB 69 - Troy 74

My Projection: UAB 75 - Troy 70
(Varnado hasn’t played last two games, and UAB has never lost to Troy.)
The reasoning is suspect on that last sentence, considering what happened last night.
Losing to Troy is never acceptable and I refuse to believe it will happen this year.

If their best player is out, we should win by 10+.
I didn’t realize we played such solid FT defense
(12-02-2017 12:26 PM)LairDweller Wrote: [ -> ]I didn’t realize we played such solid FT defense

In our home games, the opponent usually goes for something like 2-4 while we go 21 of 24
First off, I'm not a troll and I'm a Blazer True and True was raised in South Alabama And do not want to lose to Troy, But with all respect, I like to see them do good with their basketball program have a lot of good friends out of Troy as much as you northern Alabamaians like to say Troy is a dump they have a great Athletic program and educational program world wide lots of campuses even in China. Not sure if he's still their but they have had a Basketball coach for 30 years. Go Blazers, as much as it hurts I will cheer for you guys against my home town school. I hope Troy does great again just not against the Blazers of UAB.
Well that explains the grammar issue.
(12-02-2017 12:39 PM)Memphis Blazer Wrote: [ -> ]Well that explains the grammar issue.

Thanks Guy, much love, I could run it through spell check or grammar plus. If it would make you feel better.
Hey I got no problem now that I know you are a victim of the Pike County education system. It proves what we have said all along. You actually do quite well for someone from that area.

Go blazers
(12-02-2017 12:39 PM)Memphis Blazer Wrote: [ -> ]Well that explains the grammar issue.

Got a 67 on that one.
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