Full Version: The Blazers Return To Bartow Sunday In Pursuit Of Consistency And Confidence
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I don’t typically criticize our coach, but Ehsan is to blame as well. Today’s game is a joke, but the Memphis, Troy, and Auburn games are opportunities for redemption after the calamity in the Cayman Islands Classic. Are Ehsan and the players up to the challenge?
Today's game is a good warm up feeling the next two games. The team probably hasnt practiced much sine the tournament due to thanksgiving. This game gives them a chance to work on what went wrong and maybe hopefully experiment with some starting lineup changes.

I disagree that the game is a joke. I think it comes at exactly the right time.
Yeah this game is joke, hopefully we worked out some things. Or worked on some things, people won't admit it but Smallwood was a spark in that Iowa game. We took the lead with him in, teams seem to double a 7 footer when they're in a game or change tendencies some. Here's to more guys playing, and the coaches subbing for better matchups.
I have no problem scheduling a Gulf South team but UAH, Montevallo, or West Al might bring a few folks. It's a pretty long drive to Birmingham from Clinton.
I think they were hoping that dumb people would think it was Ole Miss
I wouldn't look past the Choctaws. UAH showed the turds a while back what kind of basketball is played in the Gulf South.

Can't remember the coach that said, "if you think it's not a big game, try losing it."
Agree with MB. Good time for a tune up game before Memphis. I would have tried to get a better opponent before the tourney but this is where I would place a cupcake.
This is the game that the Blazers need so we can welcome our friends of the tigers.
It is the perfect game for HaHa and Smallwood to work on their post game.
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