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I have been on their board a lot lately...

Most talk is about Miami being focused and ready to go. They arent in school and are ready to hit someone again.

Their predictions range from 41-10 to 56-20.... Nothing in between. They are all taking the points but not concerned with the over as their "elite" defense will knock out Woodside so we wont do squat.

The hurricane arms could reach Miami and make for a rainy and windy game. If so our passing game could suffer... We shall see.

My thoughts? Their D looked slow against warm up Bethune Cookman. They havent played since... So i doubt they have gotten faster. Our up tempo can be hard to prepare for... So i like our chances to get 28. Their RB is very very good but QB is not tested. We should be able to key in on the run and make sure they dont Tulsa us to death. They will score between 28 and 42.

Their D is bigger and faster than ours. Our O has more playmakers than them.

Stay under 7 penalties and we have a shot. Fingers crossed for low winds and a focused squad... I think their board might explode if they dont cover.
I think 56-20 seems like good guess.

Sadly, I just don't think Toledo's defense is good enough to keep things close.

The 2016 offense with the 2015 defense would make this a much closer game.
I'm more concerned that Logan Woodside returns home in one piece.
Miami returns the front 7 on a defense that was 5th in the nation in tackles for loss, 9th in yards allowed, 12th in scoring, and 20th in total defense.
The have arguably the best running back in the ACC.
One of their receivers was a freshman All-American.
The only way this games stays close is if Miami is a little rusty from being off, and the fact that they did not have an established QB coming into the season. It sounds the like Richt will use this game more as a scrimmage. He's concerned about his players getting back into game shape and ready for ACC play. I expect they will come out with a solid game plan and once they establish a comfortable lead, they will substitute heavily.

I'm not sure what Vegas is smoking. While I think our defense is young and improving, they are not at a point to contend with this running attack. IMO, the final score ends one of two ways. Miami starts slow and wins something like 45-10 or Miami starts hot/Toledo cannot stop the run or move the ball and Miami wins 63 to 7. This Miami team is not a Purdue or Michigan during an off year. This program is on the rise.
They beat bethune Cookman 41 to 17... If we dont score 17 I quit being a rockets fan.
It is the two defensive squads that trouble me most, particularly their defense. I am not yet convinced that this year's O-line is up to the high standards set by the 2015 line that stood up to Arkansas or 2013 line that got Fluellen 200 yards (receiving plus rushing) against Missouri. Obviously RBs have problems when there are no holes and QBs, regardless of who they are, have trouble throwing if they are scrambling for their life or getting knocked flat on their back. I doubt that Miami's offense is going to be as good as (and certainly no than better than) Tulsa's offense but their defense is going to be a LOT, LOT better if you believe their press clippings.

Still I remember that the last time the Rocket played at Miami in the late 1980s they gave a good account of themselves. They lost by 10 points but the game was actually closer than the final score indicated. I still remember Jimmie Johnson running off the field with a concerned look on his face. He was glad to get out that game alive but at that point he was probably worried about their future and he couldn't get off the field quick enough after the final gun. Anyway Miami regrouped and went on to win the national championship that year with an undefeated season.
Sure, an upset would be fantastic. A loss--regardless of the score--won't be the end of the world. Come back in one piece = victory. MAC play starts next, and those are the most important games.
This ends up being the Florida game of a few years back except this time we score a couple of touchdowns heading into the 4th quarter.

Then we find a way to pull off one of the biggest upsets in school history...

Toledo 28
Canes 27
They're Number 13? We played them when they were Number Three and made a game of it. I don't see us winning anymore than I saw us beating Ark or Pitt at #9, but if the O-line holds up we'll get points.
BCU just got shut out by FAU. FAU is the underdog to Buffalo this weekend. If BCU put up 17 on Miami and got shut out against FAU 45-0, I certainly think we can put up twice what BCU put up against Miami. BCU's points came in the 1st 3 quarters, not the mop-up 4th. Provided we can limit the penalties, I think we win this one.

Toledo 34 over Miami 31
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