Full Version: GameDay: Bye Week (Scouting Ohio)
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Okay, this is a Saturday afternoon to work around the house or scout next Saturday's opponent, the Bobcats. (or record the game and watch it during the week).

Game time is noon and the game is on ESPNU.

Here are the Ohio game notes. Believe the 2-deeps are on page 9.


Of course, if one doesn't want to do yard work, or watch this game there is NIU @ Nebraska. [I bet a few in 48197 will watch the other team from Washtenaw County play, but probably deny it, if asked]
Their QB looks better than the two guys we saw last year. They still struggle to run the ball up the middle, so we should be ok there. But our DBs need to be on their A-game.

Of course, it's hard to get too much of a reading because Kansas is awful. They would be a bottom-tier MAC team.
Yep. OU started Rourke at QB. And has a very good RB, Oullette.

Playing very well and leading 11 - 0.

(I'm trying to watch this game on a tablet and NIU/Nebraska on the TV. Not as easy as walking and chewing gum).
Yeah, I'm happy to see Kansas has shut down the run game thus far (other than thr long run outside). KU's DBs are god awful though.
Kansas is MEAC level.
(09-16-2017 11:46 AM)FrankAnderson Wrote: [ -> ]Kansas is MEAC level.

Yeah, if MAC wants to expand, we'll take KU FB if we can get their MBB team. Lol.
Did I hear Pappi White was hurt in the 1st quarter?

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I'm channel surfing. Watching 3 MAC games plus UM (and rooting for AF).
NIU takes down Nebraska!

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Dear Friends,
Kansas is a bad team, however they were still able to put up thirty points on Ohio's defense. Not saying it is going to be an easy game for Eastern. Ohio has some talent. It could be like last year's game.
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