Full Version: UABsports.com: UAB Defeats Alabama A&M 38-7 In Front of Record Crowd
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(09-03-2017 12:51 AM)WesternBlazer Wrote: [ -> ]http://www.uabsports.com/news/2017/9/2/f...h=football

Of all games played at home stadiums, our attendance was 30th best! #GoBlazers #Returned
You know, I expected the official website to spew a few lies, but these are kind of extreme:

School officials shut down the UAB program at the end of the 2014 season for financial reasons, but it was reinstated six months later after a fundraising effort generated what eventually became more than $44 million in contributions. The Blazers then sat out the 2015 and 2016 seasons in order to rebuild their roster.

The Blazers were greeted Saturday by an announced crowd of 45,212, the largest in program history. UAB often played in front of home crowds of less than 10,000 before the temporary shutdown. And there was a true game-day atmosphere outside Legion Field in the hours before kickoff, something the program lacked while going through nine consecutive losing seasons.

The Watzis ended football for sound reasons, and restored it through their fundraising efforts. And no one ever came to games before The Great Pumpkin restored football.

As the cheerleaders said on December 2nd, **** You, Ray Watts.
Out of curiosity, how many fans did A&M bring?
(09-03-2017 12:44 PM)Memphis Blazer Wrote: [ -> ]Out of curiosity, how many fans did A&M bring?

10,000 at a guess: 61,000 available seats, visitor side appeared half full, guessing somewhat more than a third of those wearing green but there was some maroon on the home side.

Of those 10,000, 4,551 were band members.
since we're on attendance...in the past, i never saw the folks at the gate telling people to walk around the turnstiles, but I'm sure it happened. i definitely saw people walk around the turnstiles out of convenience, and nobody cared...

my 6 year old walked in ahead of me. a man scanned her ticket, and there was a 2nd just beyond the turnstile (also holding a scanner). my daughter walked around the turnstile. as the 1st man was scanning my ticket, the 2nd was sort of eyeballing my daughter in a curious manner. i walked through the turnstile, and then turned it a 2nd time with my hand (my daugther needed to be counted). i sort of thought the 2nd guy was going to reprimand me...then he spoke, and said "thanks, i appreciate it"--thats when i realized that he seemed annoyed that she didnt turn it, and he may have to do something to account for her.

my how times have changed?
Why are turnstiles even still used. If they are scanning tickets, they don't need turnstiles, I would think.
Are all tickets scanned now? I had a paper ticket so I wasn't sure if the regular ones were still scanned.

Certainly if so, you can tabulate the total if you have a program behind the scenes where this data feeds.
If turnstyles were used and, as reported, everyone, no matter the age, had to have a ticket, then many children held in their parents arms were not counted ...
I saw at least one child go around a turnstile as well.
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