Full Version: New Rocket Football Uniforms released
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Not sure what I'm looking at? Blues are ok, the dingy white and grey are terrible.

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UG-LY. Shouldn't be competing with BG on ugliest uniforms.

The navy helmet is the only thing I like out of all of it. Oh well, I'm guessing they have the players vote or give input? My tastes are more traditional (boring?)...like actual school colors.

Of course, great play on the field will make me look past the uniforms.
I guess a million bucks doesn't get you much these days.

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School colors would be nice
Picture quality is crap. I'd wait for judgement until Toledo officially unveils the new unis. Cal had a pretty sweet unveiling: https://twitter.com/CalFootball/status/8...0729796608 ... I do wish they'd make the Rocket logo on the helmet stand out more.
Hard to tell much from those pics. They will probably look a lot sharper in person.
I'm OK w the blue and white. some of the more subtle shaded touches will look a lot better on HD. i love certain gray units, but this is a weak design in the field of grays. we should always have a midnight blue and yellow/gold for big games or throwback nights. hopefully, they get that corrected with this set.
A gold uni could have been done in a similar muted style and be really impressive

I wonder if Candle wants to wear the grey in Ypsi
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