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They opened up beating 5th seeded Ball St. 4-1. Probably headed for a match up with #1 seed CMU tomorrow. They are currently playing WMU so we should know soon.
8 seed WMU pulls the upset 3-1. So the Flashes get the Broncos tomorrow at 1 instead of the regular season champs. May be starting to set up for KSU as they'll face an opponent they did not meet (nor did the opponent see #1 arm Ladines) in the regular season.
Nice break. As a wrestling and gymnastics fan I really feel sorry for CMU. Kent has really finished strong so winning is not too much of a long shot. I hope the rain that is predicted doesn't mess up the schedule.
Kent beat WMU 9-3 tonight. They will play the Ohio /NIU winner tomorrow for a spot in the championship game. During the regular season they were 2-1 against Ohio and 1-2 against NIU.
They lost 2-0 to Ohio. Will have to win three tomorrow to pull it off.
Beat NIU 9-3 and then scored 1 in the 8th to beat OU 1-0.
Championship game starting on ESPN3.
Scored three in the first and won 3-0. Onto the NCAA.
Lost to Baylor 1-0. They were no hit but did load the bases on walks in the seventh. They couldn't get a hit and lost. Playing Oregon St tomorrow. They lost to James Madison earlier.
One fielding error was the difference in the game. The strike zone also seemed to be tilted more towards Baylor but that could just be sour grapes on my part.
Losing 1-0 after 3 innings. Still no hits.
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