Full Version: 2017-18 Men's Basketball Schedule
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11/10/17 Jacksonville (7pm)
11/13/17 Chattanooga (7pm)
11/16/17 Lemoyne-Owen (7pm)

11/20/17 vs Richmond - Cayman Islands Classic (4pm)
11/21/17 vs Buffalo or Cincinnati - Cayman Islands Classic (4pm/6:30pm)
11/22/17 vs Iowa, Louisiana, South Dakota St or Wyoming - Cayman Islands Classic (TBD)
11/26/17 Mississippi College (3pm)
11/30/17 Memphis (7pm)

12/05/17 at Troy
12/09/17 at Auburn (3:30)
12/16/17 Alabama A&M (BJCC) (2:15 pm)
12/20/17 New Orleans (7pm)
12/23/17 Mississippi Valley St (2pm)
12/30/17 Middle Tennessee (4pm)

01/04/18 at Florida Atlantic (6pm)
01/06/18 at FIU
01/11/18 Southern Miss
01/13/18 Louisiana Tech (4pm)

01/18/18 at Western Kentucky (8pm)
01/20/18 at Marshall
01/25/18 UTEP (7pm)
01/27/18 UTSA (7pm)

02/01/18 at Charlotte (6pm)
02/03/18 at Old Dominion
02/08/18 North Texas
02/10/18 Rice

02/15/18 at Louisiana Tech (8pm)
02/17/18 at Southern Miss (4pm)
02/24/18 at Middle Tennessee (6pm)
03/01/18 Marshall (7pm)
03/03/18 Western Kentucky

03/07/17 - 03/10/17 Conference USA Tournament (Frisco City, TX)
His old employer, Maryland, would make a nice "big name" home and home.
(03-23-2017 10:22 AM)BlazerFromMD Wrote: [ -> ]His old employer, Maryland, would make a nice "big name" home and home.

and a quasi-home game for Nate Darling
Maybe Stanford? Just a thought.
The Cayman Island tournament is an 8 team tournament. We will not be getting home games with Richmond, Buffalo, UL-Lafayette or SDSU. They will all be down there on the island with us.

I have heard no mention of guaranteed home opponents for that tournament.
Memphis at uab. November 30
(05-04-2017 01:09 PM)slinkie Wrote: [ -> ]Memphis at uab. November 30

Thursday night. a week after thanksgiving. crap.
@ troy 12/05
Updated with conference schedule
It's good that we get our annual losses in south florida out of the way, early in the season.
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