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Enough D-I coaches have been shown the door already to get this started. More to come, no doubt, so we'll update later periodically.

Alabama A&M
OUT - Willie Hayes (resigned)
IN - Donnie Marsh (was Texas Southern assistant coach this season)

OUT - Keith Dambrot (took same job at Duquesne)
IN - John Groce (was Illinois head coach this season)

Arkansas State
OUT - Grant McCasland (took same job at North Texas)
IN - Mike Balado (was Louisville assistant coach this season)

Austin Peay
OUT - Dave Loos (resigned for health reasons)
IN - Matt Figger (was South Carolina assistant coach this season)

OUT - Gravelle Craig (fired)
IN - Ryan Ridder (was Daytona State (juco) head coach this season)

OUT - Cuonzo Martin (took same job at Missouri)
IN - Wyking Jones (was Cal assistant coach this season)

OUT - Matt McCall (took same job at UMass)
IN - Lamont Paris (was Wisconsin assistant coach this season)

Cleveland State
OUT - Gary Waters ("retired")
IN - Dennis Felton (former Georgia and WKU head coach)

Coppin State
OUT - Michael Grant (fired)
IN - Juan Dixon (was head women's coach at D-II University of D.C. this season)

OUT - Archie Miller (took same job at Indiana)
IN - Anthony Grant (former VCU and Alabama head coach)

OUT - Ray Giacometti ("resigned")
IN - Niko Medved (was Furman head coach this season)

OUT - Jim Ferry (fired)
IN - Keith Dambrot (was Akron head coach this season)

Eastern Washington
OUT - Jim Hayford (took same job at Seattle)
IN - Shantay Legans (was Eastern Washington assistant coach this season)

Florida A&M
OUT - Byron Samuels (fired)

OUT - Niko Medved (took same job at Drake)
IN - Bob Richey (was Furman assistant coach this season)

OUT - John Thompson III (fired)
IN - Patrick Ewing (was Charlotte Hornets assistant coach this season)

George Washington
IN - Maurice Joseph (was George Washington interim head coach this season)

OUT - Shawn Walker (fired)

OUT - John Groce (fired)
IN - Brad Underwood (was Oklahoma State head coach this season)

OUT - Tom Crean (fired)
IN - Archie Miller (was Dayton head coach this season)

LIU Brooklyn
OUT - Jack Perri (fired)
IN - Derek Kellogg (was UMass head coach this season)

OUT - Johnny Jones (fired)
IN - Will Wade (was VCU head coach this season)

OUT - Derek Kellogg (fired)
IN - Matt McCall (was Chattanooga head coach this season)

OUT - John Cooper (fired)
IN - Jack Owens (was Purdue assistant coach this season)

OUT - Kim Anderson (fired)
IN - Cuonzo Martin (was Cal head coach this season)

Morehead State
OUT - Sean Woods ("resigned" while on disciplinary suspension)
IN - Preston Spradlin (was Morehead State interim head coach this season)

New Mexico
OUT - Craig Neal (fired)
IN - Paul Weir (was New Mexico State head coach this season)

New Mexico State
OUT - Paul Weir (took same job at New Mexico)
IN - Chris Jans (was Wichita State assistant coach this season)

North Carolina State
OUT - Mark Gottfried (fired)
IN - Kevin Keatts (was UNC Wilmington head coach this season)

North Texas
OUT - Tony Benford (fired)
IN - Grant McCasland (was Arkansas State head coach this season)

Oklahoma State
OUT - Brad Underwood (took same job at Illinois)
IN - Mike Boynton (was Oklahoma State assistant coach this season)

Portland State
OUT - Tyler Geving (fired)
IN - Barret Peery (was Santa Clara assistant coach this season)

OUT - Gregg Nibert (resigned)

OUT - Tom Moore (fired)
IN - Baker Dunleavy (was Villanova assistant coach this season)

OUT - Mike Rhoades (took same job at VCU)
IN - Scott Pera (was Rice assistant coach this season)

San Diego State
OUT - Steve Fisher (retired)
IN - Brian Dutcher (was SDSU assistant coach this season)

OUT - Cameron Dollar (fired)
IN - Jim Hayford (was Eastern Washington head coach this season)

South Florida
OUT - Orlando Antigua (fired)
IN - Brian Gregory (former Dayton and Georgia Tech head coach)

UC Santa Barbara
OUT - Bob Williams (fired)
IN - Joe Pasternack (was Arizona assistant coach this season)

UNC Wilmington
OUT - Kevin Keatts (took same job at NC State)
IN - C.B. McGrath (was North Carolina assistant coach this season)

Virginia Commonwealth
OUT - Will Wade (took same job at LSU)
IN - Mike Rhoades (was Rice head coach this season)

OUT - Lorenzo Romar (fired)
IN - Mike Hopkins (was Syracuse assistant coach this season)

Youngstown State
OUT - Jerry Slocum (resigned)
IN - Jerrod Calhoun (was Fairmont State (D-II) head coach this season)
We'll be adding John Cooper of Miami to the list next week. Although technically when he does get the ax, it'll be because his contract expires.
Do we want to add George Washington to the list?
Barring a run in the Big 10 tournament, John Groce at Illlinois is likely out.
Crean is likely gone too. Jim Christian could get canned as well.
How about LSU? They are having a dismal season with a 5th year coach.
Despite no NIT/NCAA in 6 seasons and annual 200+ RPIs following a Counzo Martin mvc title and Barry Hinson netting them a couple top 30 rpi's in the last dozen years, Missouri State announced Paul Lusk will return for his 7th season. So enthusiastic, MSU President Cliff Smart fired a shot at the fan base's disintegrating attendance with "I'd encourage you to hang around but if you want to drop out for a year, we'll welcome you back when we're heading to the NCAA tournament next March".
(03-05-2017 06:23 PM)GoldenWarrior11 Wrote: [ -> ]Do we want to add George Washington to the list?

MoJo might just get the permanent position. He's done a good job. No idea what the AD is thinking about it, but that job might not be open.

Lonergan got tossed before the year began.
The old in and out.
(03-05-2017 06:23 PM)GoldenWarrior11 Wrote: [ -> ]Do we want to add George Washington to the list?

He was let go when his contract ran out in 1797. 07-coffee3
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