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Let's get a tournament thread going even if it might be a short one.

I was listening to Spiker's pre-game show in the car on the way home, and I think they said that Tyshawn Miles is suspended for the game. They were talking about the high standards of the program and that players will be punished for breaking the rules. He said he'd give more playing time for Peck.
According to the radio, he didn't come down at all for the tourney. I wonder if it was academic related or a team rule issue?
JMU head coached got T'd out right before the end of the half! He pulled a Bruiser 03-razz.
(03-03-2017 09:20 PM)Dragon For Life Wrote: [ -> ]JMU head coached got T'd out right before the end of the half! He pulled a Bruiser 03-razz.

Bruiser never got KO'd in a in a tournament game. Actually, I've been following Drexel for 26 years now, and I can only remember a few coaches on either side getting ejected ever. In games involving Drexel, I remember it happening to Bruiser twice, Jay Wright of Hofstra at the DAC, and Karl Fogel of Northeastern back in the NAC days. But since the CAA has that suspension rule, it rarely ever happens anymore, and I don't recall it ever happening in a tournament game.
I was joking obviously but its a crazy game.. Reminds me of last year in one of the conference games where there was a foul on almost every play.
A 19 point swing. Ugh. This is a last place team.
Since right before halftime, Drexel has been outscored by 27 points, in about 9 minutes. Epic Meltdown.
I had to turn it off. Apparently the double tech on Rowe fired them up at halftime and Drexel forgot how to play. Suck for Rodney to foul out with 9 minutes left. Hope he gets decent offers in Europe.
I've been patient with this team all year, but this is a hard way to end. Crappy officiating, terrible performance by Drexel. Glad its over.
I still want to know why myles didn't play not like it would matter but still. I turned it off as well.
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