Full Version: UCONN women to the WNBA?
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Seriously, what else do they have to prove at the NCAA level?
Honestly...nothing. But the only real thing they have left to prove is if they can do it with a different coach. WNBA would basically be alumni vs current student athletes for UConn.
Geno still has to get 13 titles to break the overall NCAA record, and I am sure he wants to be the winningest coach by the time he is done, which would mean 1,000 wins is the next milestone (he would get there next season).


UConn WBB is perfect content for a confernce network.
The impressive thing about uconn is they lose players who were taken 1, 2 and 3 in last years wnba draft. They are still beating the top ranked teams by 20
Beating a good men's high school basketball team.
They'd lose by 70 to a team that finished 5th in their conference/district.
But they'd beat a team of the old men posting in this thread. So there's that... 02-13-banana
The UCONN WBB program will kill CWBB if things don't change. Why watch a sport where you know the outcome of the championship before the season even starts? That would be a monumental drag. I think UCONN WBB needs to get the death penalty for a few years in order to reset the competitive balance of the sport. In fact, you may argue that WBB is preventing UCONN from getting a P5 invite. It's hard to say.
Exactly. Took the words out of my mouth.
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