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So we start our North Carolina trip in Elon. This is a winnable game but also a game that could easily get out of hand. This likely will be a high scoring affair. If we defend the 3 point line with any ability we will give ourselves a chance. This should be another game where Rodney should be able to feast down low. We will need to make some perimeter shots to win this game, though. I think this will be closer than projected but not sure we pull out a victory.

Drexel- 76
Elon- 79
Drexel is going to have to guard the perimeter. Almost 50% of Elon's shots are 3's and just about everyone on the floor has the ability to shoot and hit them. We might see a little more of the 3-2.

I started watching some of the Elon/JMU game the other day, and they really seem to exist out at the arc.
Absolutely agree, which is why I said if we defend the 3 point line at all we will have a chance. It will be interesting to see if we play zone how effective of a zone against a team that will gladly try to shoot you out of it. This type of game will be a nice benchmark for the team to know where they stand and what their true ability at defending looks like. One thing we do know, is that Spiker will have them ready and make adjustments if necessary.
We did not slow Elon down at all in the first half as we trail 42-32. Sebring has 12 which is not good. Hopefully we continue our strong second halves and make a comeback
Nice to see Moran lighting it up again, but beyond that we're not looking very good tonight.
Other than Drexel's own 3 point shooting, I didn't see anything good that came out of that game. Way too many turnovers. Terrible 3 perimeter defense. Elon seemed to run the same plays that constantly lead to a wide open shooter.

I look at the players on this roster, and while I wasn't expecting a championship, I was expecting more than what we've seen so far. I know Spiker has his own "Trust the Process" going on, but I think that right now, every team I root for has a coach or GM telling me to trust the process.
Spiker very frustrated on the radio post-game. I don't think he gave any compliments to the players. Didnt throw them under the bus, but was very harsh on the defensive intensity - rightfully so. I would add Kurk Lee's free throw shooting to the short list of positives.
Spiker is a realist who shoulders the blame. I personally like that about him..

What we saw tonight was Elon's versatility. I was amazed. I was ready to see Swoope, Santa Ana and Seibring shoot the lights out from three and they didnt. I tracked contested shots for most of the first half, and part of the second before things got out of hand, and we actually did a good job of getting a hand in their faces on jumpers. They showed us though that they could win the game by taking the ball to the hole.

I second the notion on Moran. He had a solid game.

Anyway, the postgame is written and it will be "LIVE" tomorrow morning at 9:30. I'll post a link on here in the morning when I get a chance. I'll probably be on the road to Wilmington by then!
what are we expecting out of jonsson and lee long term? they're freshman so there's time for improvement. i just worry about lee's size even though i want to be the guy who roots for the little guy. i haven't seen much at all out of jonsson in games i've watched.

i guess i'm expecting the roster to look significantly different over the next few years. rodney williams is clearly a d-1 player and we can thank him for keeping us afloat if we're competing for championships in a few years. otherwise...i'm not seeing too many guys who will put much pressure on caa defenses. correct me if i'm wrong since i'm watching from internet video feeds that barely work sometimes.
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