Full Version: Kent Golfers in the Pros - 2017 edition
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Ok, early start to the 2017 season because...

Mackenzie Hughes is in the SBS Tournament of Champions (which you only get in if you win a tournament, which doesn't happen that often).

Anyway, Hughes shot a par 73 and is tied for 28th. Not the best round (there are only 32 players), but it is a nice way to pick up a bunch of Fed Ex Points in a no-cut small field event.

Because they are in Hawaii, they are playing late (by our Great Lakes US standards), so he will play the 2nd round later today.
Hughes had a good final round and ended tied for 25th, picking up 34 Fed Ex Points.
An oddball here: the web.com tour is running a tournament very early and during the middle of the week. We go to the Bahamas, where the wind was so bad that scores in the 80s weren't bad (of course, they aren't bad; that would be a career highlight for bopol).

So, Yip, Conners and Pendrith (sponsor exemption) were in action:

Monday - Conners (79), Pendrith (82) & Yip (87). Average score for round: 80.0
Round 2 (Tuesday and Wednesday): Conners (70); Pendrith (80) & Yip (84). Average score for round: 75.6

Yip and Pendrith miss the cut (+11).

Round 3 - Conners is 5 under on the day and currently 2nd at 2 strokes off the lead.
Conners shot two over today and finished tied for 5th and will earn about $20K. This is a big deal because it will likely protect him through at least the first reshuffle and will keep him playing web.com tour event well into the summer.
Mackenzie Hughes stayed in Hawaii and is playing the Sony Open. He is tied for 22nd after 2 rounds and easily made the cut. He is ten strokes out of the lead, but just 3 strokes out of 3rd place, which should give you some idea of how far in front Justin Thomas is at the moment. Shooting 59 will do that though...
Hughes finished at 11 under for the tournament; 3 really solid rounds of 68 and an excellent round of 65. For his trouble, he'll finished probably tied for around 20th. Not as excellent as winning, but it's a really solid effort and hopefully he can continue this high level of play.
Great updates....thanks for posting these!
Farmer's Insurance Open, which, I guess by cbssports.com coverage, Tiger Woods is playing in.

Mackenzie Hughes had a solid first round, birdying all 4 of the Par 5s and finishing 2 under tied for 32nd place.
Hughes went 2 under today and had back to back good days on a tough course. He'll go into the weekend tied for 10th and made the cut.
Hughes didn't have a good weekend (+4 for the two days) and ended up tied for 54th.

A quick scan of his play shows making 7 of 8 PGA cuts this season. That is remarkably consistent and good play for a PGA rookie.
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