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Needs to be out front leading the charge for the conference. He is not a leader and never has been. Way to passive for my taste. Need a guy with some back bone that is willing to stand up and say hell no this is not acceptable.

He thinks the conference is a stepping stone. He has said as much many times. Yes, he is a big part of the problem.

He knows he'll get his fat paycheck regardless. He is the definition of apathetic.

The conference really needs to have a plan for branding. Especially for the Basketball side of the Conference. He has got to get us in the conversation on the national stage. We need a TV contract that is better than what we saw this year. The TV exposure was sad.

It's not a matter of branding. It's a matter of having a commissioner that doesn't think his conference is a tinker toy.

Who said that?
Who made those statements publicly?
(03-16-2014 08:16 PM)GaSoEagle Wrote: [ -> ]Who made those statements publicly?

Windywave's wife?
Harsh, no?
Waters left it in a mess and Bensons best days were in the 90s
In basketball what does the conference need to do?

At this point as much as I hate to say it bringing us (Ga. Southern) and App into the league does not help in basketball-- at least right now.

I think we both help in football alot, although it may take a couple of years or so and I think we both will help in baseball also.
Why would you post a long ass quote and not say who SAID THE QUOTE?
I believe there is a difference between conference president and conference commissioner. Is Troy's Jack Hawkins not the SBC President?
(03-16-2014 08:31 PM)CajunJuice Wrote: [ -> ]Why would you post a long ass quote and not say who SAID THE QUOTE?

Patience grasshoppa
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