Full Version: Great show by the MOB
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The MOB is back! Great show by the MOB....probably their best in 15 years!
Yes, I applaud the MOB's performance, not only at halftime, but although their spirited play throughout the game. Well done.
Great graphics on the Jumbotron too. I haven't seen the opposing fans boo the MOB since the Aggies used to do it back in the SWC days.
I thought it was a great show as well.

The reaction to the MOB on their rivals board is priceless. As were the boos. Oklahoma aggy?
Yes, the show was priceless!
Major Props to the MOB!
Is the MOB a 503C organization and can you easily make donations to the fedora crowd? If so, where, how?
It was a funny MOB halftime. The jokes were funny, the songs appropriate. The Tulsa fans seemed to organize a "boooo".
If the Tulsa fans really think they should be insulted, they should get a clue. Laugh a little, in the spirit of Don Rickles.
There was nothing you haven't heard before. It was simply a joke.
After all you really get the last laugh ... for now. You have TG and your team won the conference title. Enjoy it, while you can. You'll be looking for a new coach soon enough.
"I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."

-- Harry S Truman
I like the outrage at TG = douchebag, but the apparent acceptance of Tulsa = hell.
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