Full Version: College Sports and Conference Realignment
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College Sports and Conference Realignment


  1. Poll - Will your school schedule Liberty? (60 Replies)
  2. If UConn leaves the AAC...does the AAC consider UMass to replace them? (70 Replies)
  3. Mark Gottfried fired at NC State but will finish out the year (16 Replies)
  4. Group of Five Playoff Idea not going away (115 Replies)
  5. How long before Youngstown St and Jacksonville St apply for a waiver? (51 Replies)
  6. If Air Force goes to the AAC for football only (28 Replies)
  7. Predict the next conference reallignment... (82 Replies)
  8. Who is the first school to schedule a game at Liberty? (35 Replies)
  9. AAC goes Indy conference (7 Replies)
  10. Where do you see Thad Matta coaching next year? (11 Replies)
  11. Gopher Illustrated reports that North Dakota will be invited to the Big Ten Hockey (62 Replies)
  12. With realignment being very quiet, looks like AAC is very content (67 Replies)
  13. What is Dennis Dodds agenda? (26 Replies)
  14. Alabama gets revenge on Bossier City coach (9 Replies)
  15. New College Football Teams 2015 to 2018/Who Could Be Next? (168 Replies)
  16. Cost of FBS vs FCS football (44 Replies)
  17. UMass Football (599 Replies)
  18. Did rules change on FCS moving up without a conference? (108 Replies)
  19. P5 teams to NOT make WNCAA tournament (21 Replies)
  20. FBS independents - Top contenders and link about NCAA Strategic Vision and Planning (41 Replies)
  21. Chattanooga (10 Replies)
  22. UWF to the SBC (315 Replies)
  23. Liberty to FBS (155 Replies)
  24. ESPN Makes Lot of Money Off of UConn Women's Basketball So Why Not Back UConn Into P5 (78 Replies)
  25. ASUN women's lax to split into two leagues - one ASUN and the other Southern (20 Replies)
  26. Idaho Asking State for Athletic Dept. Bailout (74 Replies)
  27. UConn to Big East? (132 Replies)
  28. Apple doesn't fall far from Penn St Tree. (11 Replies)
  29. Could UCONN women go Independent and win the NCAA Tournament? (16 Replies)
  30. Poinsettia Bowl goes bust (178 Replies)
  31. CBS: Big 12 continues to struggle, start with recruiting Texas (70 Replies)
  32. PAC expanding revenue deficit vs Big Ten and SEC (111 Replies)
  33. Kennesaw State should be in the Sun Belt Conference (115 Replies)
  34. NCAA bracket preview - committee's projected top 16 "revealed" (21 Replies)
  35. Is Tom Crean on the hotseat? (21 Replies)
  36. If Kansas makes the NCAA Tournament... (35 Replies)
  37. 3 Michigan State & 1 staff member suspended due to Sexual Assault investigation (11 Replies)
  38. Question about conference membership rules (24 Replies)
  39. UCONN women to the WNBA? (23 Replies)
  40. How many teams does AAC get in NCAA tourn (26 Replies)
  41. All Things GSU (470 Replies)
  42. Northwestern to the NCAA's? (35 Replies)
  43. How far does Gonzaga go? (59 Replies)
  44. Should the B1G try to invade the SEC? (8 Replies)
  45. Which FBS or FCS schools will be the next to drop football? (63 Replies)
  46. Had wanted to talk about a couple of schools (5 Replies)
  47. What will be the next conference to die? (32 Replies)
  48. Using the Big Sky to backfill the MWC (39 Replies)
  49. Should NMSU join the Southland? (23 Replies)
  50. How will "Bathroom Bills" impact college sports? (56 Replies)
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