Full Version: College Sports and Conference Realignment
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College Sports and Conference Realignment


  1. FY 2016 Conference Revenue (43 Replies)
  2. Sun Belt Divisions Announced (26 Replies)
  3. First I was envious of Liberty's Endowment Now it's the Attention they get (11 Replies)
  4. Baylor in serious jeopardy-horrible allegations, again (67 Replies)
  5. Rutgers/Maryland Big Ten article (5 Replies)
  6. >>>>>>> Reorganization of this forum and moderator election <<<<<<< (106 Replies)
  7. Berry Tramel: Would the Big Ten welcome OU? (261 Replies)
  8. All Things GSU (506 Replies)
  9. Can the AAC become a true tweener conference? (121 Replies)
  10. Should the CFP be limited to conference champions only? (71 Replies)
  11. Kennesaw State should be in the Sun Belt Conference (140 Replies)
  12. Chicago State To Add Football?! (107 Replies)
  13. Miami Beach Bowl headed to Frisco, TX (110 Replies)
  14. Ryan Leaf - A letter to my younger self (4 Replies)
  15. Why doesn't Sacramento St enjoy FBS level support? (71 Replies)
  16. NCAA Division I map (78 Replies)
  17. Well Terry D. and Wedge, your women are heading to Auburn for the Softball Regionals (24 Replies)
  18. 100 days to go (3 Replies)
  19. Viacom trying to put together a sports-free slim bundle (20 Replies)
  20. Does C-USA need to invite Liberty to join in the future? (35 Replies)
  21. Article about CUSA TV (Sinclair buying Tribune) (27 Replies)
  22. D-II/D-III/NAIA movement (199 Replies)
  23. What Conference will Liberty end up in. (57 Replies)
  24. Who is the first school to schedule a game at Liberty? (108 Replies)
  25. Lacrosse Drives Towards the Playoffs (31 Replies)
  26. Podcast about the Landscape of Sports on Television (7 Replies)
  27. Will The Summit League be reformed as a Northern League?? (142 Replies)
  28. Official Liberty and Troy sign H/H (32 Replies)
  29. SDSU says it's cutting off talks with FS Investors about Qualcomm Stadium site (80 Replies)
  30. AAC declares it is a "Power 6" conference. (307 Replies)
  31. Will Chicago St keep sports at D1? (30 Replies)
  32. Fox gets OSU vs Michigan and other marquee matchups (108 Replies)
  33. I'm Envious of Liberty's Endowment (91 Replies)
  35. Fort Wayne or IUPUI to Horizon? (127 Replies)
  36. tOSU may build 4000 seat hockey only arena, Schottenstein is too large (11 Replies)
  37. Is it just me? (17 Replies)
  38. Charlie Weis is finally paid off by ND (16 Replies)
  39. Dodd: Baylor's P5 Status Should Be Reviewed (1 Reply)
  40. College Football Equipment Trucks (4 Replies)
  41. UWF advance in U.S. Open qualifiers, softball regionals and wins tennis championship (1 Reply)
  42. Is a remodeled Dayton Arena a prerequisite for a Big East bid (41 Replies)
  43. Will the P5 pull out of NCAA in 2024? (44 Replies)
  44. ND joining the ACC for football not so far fetched.... (129 Replies)
  45. Which conference values Kansas most? (44 Replies)
  46. Deja Vu 5 Years Ago Stillwater News 9 Expects a Move Involving Both OU & OSU (21 Replies)
  47. Is Baylor actually helping the Big12 stay together? (18 Replies)
  48. ACC Network- Forbes Article Suggests ESPN Can Be Profitable With The ACCN (37 Replies)
  49. Welcome to Spot The MISTAKE (6 Replies)
  50. If 18 is the magic number....... (31 Replies)
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